Health, Safety & Environment Policy

ALCO has a responsibility to protect its employees, contractors and visitors from health and safety hazards as far as reasonably practicable. We also have a similar responsibility to protect the environment from any adverse effects from our operations. Health, safety and the protection of the environment are of equal importance as our primary business and quality objectives. The preservation of human, physical and environmental assets is vital to the success and efficiency of our business.

ALCO will seek to conduct its operations in such a way as to prevent harm to its employees, visitors and to all other people affected directly or indirectly by its activities and to maintain the highest practical standards of safety, occupational health and protection of environment.

ALCO has set out the following generalized objectives with respect to health, safety and the environment to prevent all injuries, reduce accidents at the workplace and safeguard the environment.

  • To provide a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To establish safe working practices throughout its operations.
  • To provide training for all employees to help them work safety and protect the environment.
  • To comply at all times with all statutory and customer obligations with regards to health, safety and environmental protection.
  • To maintain, practice & update emergency response procedures.
  • To analysis risks associated with its operations and define effective remedial or contingency plans.

We believe that health, safety and the protection of the environment are everyone's responsibility and it requires the direct involvement of all managers, supervisors and employees.

In line with our HSE policy, we require the commitment of every employee to comply with these rules. Time to time we conduct programmes on health, safety and environmental protection to increase its awareness among our employees. In this manner, we are being able to manage and counter the hazards of our operations.